2012 Year Report online

Dr Masud at Action Workshops (Credit: J. Arvanitakis)With some delay, we just posted our latest yearly evaluation report here. In 2012, we gradually moved into Phase II of our programme. From the start, the water supplies (mostly deep tube-wells) were intended as triggers for a lengthier and broader development process. Phase II will further facilitate this process in the existing working areas (Munshiganj district). Some of the committees have already started undertaking activities beyond deep tube-well operation and maintenance responsibilities.

Securing safe drinking water for the community and providing medical support for arsenicosis patients in the short term is not enough to counter the problem in the long term. The distribution of medicine is not addressing the root causes of the problem, and needs to be replaced by activities to improve health and nutrition. This will become the focus for Phase II in relation to our first aim (mitigate arsenic contamination). In relation to our second aim (develop replicable methods), we will refine and further develop the approach initiated in Phase I by exploring a potentially new working area (Shatkhira district).

Highlights for 2012

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