Community clinic preparing to open its doors

Community clinic update - 1Shifting to safe water is often insufficient to detoxify the blood and organs affected by years of gradual poisoning. A safe water supply must go hand in hand with long-term medical support for arsenicosis patients. However, the public health sector is facing serious resource limitations and inequities in access. For example, on average 41% of doctor positions are vacant in public health facilities. On top of that, 42% of all categories of health personnel employed in public facilities are usually absent. In terms of access, patients from the richest quintile are admitted for in-patient care five times more than the patients from the poorest quintile (see our previous publication for further details).

Community clinic update - 3With the establishment of our community clinic, we hope to be able to help fill this gap in services for the poorer sections of the population. In July this year we completed the construction of the building. We have since then procured equipment (see photos) and we are expecting the opening ceremony to take place very soon. You can also watch a short video explanation of the aims for the clinic and how it will fit in an overall referral system for marginalised people.

Community clinic update - 2If you are interested, our campaign to purchase an ambulance is still active, please have a look and share the word. Thank you!

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