Deep tube-wells with attached bathrooms

bathroomA few years ago, we experimented with the idea to make slight adaptations of a deep tube-well design and make it more of an eye catcher and trigger its use. The platforms around the deep tube wells were upgraded into small bathrooms. This was an entirely new idea in the context of Bangladesh. The idea came from the identification of (non arsenic-related) skin problems on people using dirty ponds for washing during the dry season. Building a proper place for washing seems to attract more women in using the wells. A protective wall was built especially for women. They have expressed that they will use this facility more during the dry season when water is scarce than during the rainy season. Four of these installations were installed in Jessore. A spin-off is that with these hygienic improvements it could be possible to make a better distinction between arsenic-related and non-related skin diseases.

See our publication: C F Rammelt, J Boes (2007) Experiences with the management and implementation of drinking water supplies in Bangladesh3rd International Groundwater Conference (IGC-2007), “Water, Environment and Agriculture – Present Problems and Future Challenges”Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (ed.)

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