Fighting Corona (COVID-19) in the field

Hand washing with soap water is an important measure in the prevention of Corona virus infection. Unfortunately, many people in the rural areas do not know how to do it correctly. Even many NGO workers fail to talk to the community about this. The information is also missing in online media. Our project staffs are going to the community, motivating them to put on face masks and wash hands. Below you will find some short videos that explain the steps.

Using a face mask
Washing hands (community session)
Washing hands (demonstration)

But the efforts should not stop there. Since the lock-down in Bangladesh, millions of labourers, internal migrant workers, fishermen, rickshaw drivers, garments workers, etc, are unemployed. They are extremely vulnerable as they rely on daily wages for their basic needs. This could be the start of a widespread food crisis. From previous project activities, we know the most disadvantaged and vulnerable families in our working areas. We are in contact with the local government representatives looking for emergency responses for those families.

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